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【檔案名稱】:Premium Proxy Switcher Portable v4.0.0-讓您透過世界各國的代理伺服器匿名上網
【檔案大小】:8.16 MB(解壓後)
【作業系統】:Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 2003 / 2008

有一些專用的工具,只需按一下就可以自動執行,切換代理伺服器。尤其是針對此目的的工具,Premium Proxy Switcher Portable 旨在提供所有必要的功能,讓使用者的連線不會被追蹤,並且讓他們的敏感性資料更安全。
Premium Proxy Switcher Portable 最受讚賞的功能為內建驗證公共伺服器可用性的模組。因此,在代理伺服器檢查程式的協助下您將能夠根據自訂的參數來篩選和測試代理伺服器據。
一旦檢查伺服器後將清除無法使用的代理伺服器,您可以從清單中選擇任何伺服器,透過它來上網。只需按一下即可選擇隨機的代理伺服器、刪除所選的代理伺服器或重新整理清單。此外,如果您有想要使用一種特殊服務,Premium Proxy Switcher Portable 將讓您能夠從「喜好設定」區域中將它啟用。
底下為 Premium Proxy Switcher Portable 的一些主要功能:
An easy to use tool that was created to provide users with a simple means of changing the proxy server you use to connect to the Internet
Protecting the user's anonymity and the privacy of the personal data can be done in more than one way. For many years, whenever someone needs to connect to a website or access a service that is unavailable for some reason, the first thing to try is establish a proxy connection through a different server than the one currently in use.
Some dedicated utilities that can automate the process are available and switching proxies can be carried out now with no more than a mouse click. Among the tools especially tailored for this purpose, Premium Proxy Switcher Portable aims to offer all the necessary functions users will need to ensure their connections are not traced and their sensitive data is safer.
Without requiring installation and deployable from a portable storage device, this program runs minimized in the system tray. The application has all the functions easily accessible from the main menu that appears when you right-click on its tray icon.
One of the most appreciated features of Premium Proxy Switcher Portable is the built-in module for verifying the availability of public servers. Thus, with the help of the Proxy Checker you will be able to filter and test the proxies according to a variety of customizable parameters.
Once the servers are checked and the dead proxies are cleared, you can pick any server from the list to channel all your traffic through it. It is possible to choose a random proxy, delete a selected one or refresh the list with one click. Also, in case you have a special service you want to use, Premium Proxy Switcher Portable will enable you to activate it from the 'Preferences' area.
All in all, this software solution, so easy to use and equipped with many useful functions can surely be counted among the best utilities of its kind.
Here are some key features of "Premium Proxy Switcher Portable":
Check the speed, type and other specifications of given proxy server right on your PC
Remove used proxy server from the proxy list for the specific period of time (excellent for hit counters)
Select best proxy server by rating, if you are beginner in the proxy world
Import proxy servers from the web page, from the text file or from our VIP zone
Enable or disable proxy server usage with single mouse click
Setup certain proxy server with single mouse click
Select random proxy server from the available list with single mouse click
Quickly and easily remove dead or slow proxy server from the proxy list
Sort available proxy servers by country, port or rating
Use hotkeys for the faster program's command execution
Automatically refresh proxy list or select random proxy server
You can make a proxy chain! This feature allows you to use proxy server even if you have local proxy set on your computer. 

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